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The 5C Project is a film literacy travelling program addressed to university and higher education students, film amateurs, young filmmakers, academic and educational staff, and all cinephiles around the world interested in expressing themselves through written or audio-visual texts and discover a different cinema in 4 low production capacity countries.


Organizing cultural and educational events in four different European countries (Greece, Croatia, Romania and Albania), including screenings, workshops, roundtables and Q&A sessions, the 5C Project will give five young people the opportunity to watch, explore and analyse feature and short films, both recent productions and awarded films, from neighbouring countries that have never been released before in their territory, thus proposing another point of view on their neighbour’s cinema.


The selection of the five ambassadors will be made based on their reviews on altcineAction! Online Short Film Festival for Balkan Filmmakers. Through altcineAction! any individual has the opportunity to develop their critical spirit by writing critiques on the films in competition and highlighting the Festival’s first three winners.


From this year on, the Best Critic Award of altcineAction! which is handed to the best reviewer of the audience, will give five young people the unique opportunity to follow the caravan in the four cities, where they will be coached by experienced tutors and during the open workshops and screenings, they will be invited to communicate with a local audience, reveal another point of view and additionally, express this by using extensively the digital technologies.


Between the events, a growing network of young audiences will communicate and interact through Internet tools (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), created especially for their exchanges, in order to provide constant audio-visual learning.


The overall theme of the project’s first edition is the perception of the City and all films that will be used as educational tools during the project will focus on a different city, with their specific local, cultural, social, historical and economic circumstances.


All films will be shown in the original language with English and local language subtitles. In addition, the screenings will be preceded by an introduction and followed by profound analysis and discussion with the experts/tutors, the young “ambassadors” and the audience.


The first stop of The 5C Project cine-caravan was Athens, Greece, where the five ambassadors attended the 3-days closing events of altcineAction! on 22, 23 and 24 January 2016.


During these days, the five winners attended open and closed masterclasses and workshops with acclaimed professionals such as the French film critic (former editor-in-chief of Cahiers du Cinema), Jean-Michel Frodon and the Greek D.O.P Olympia Mytilinaiou (GSC) and they had the chance to watch, for the first time in Greece, the multi-awarded Croatian film A Wonderful Night in Split/Ta Divna Splitska Noć by Arsen Anton Ostojić, followed by one hour long Q&A session. Moreover, they introduced themselves to the audience, presented a selection of altcineAction! films at the Greek Film Archive and discussed their rationale with the local audience. On top of that, the winners had a long weekend to explore the city and its culture, find out about differences and similarities with their own cities, participate in open discussions, meet young directors and start sharing their experiences with the rest of the world through audio-visual means, during the online activities that will follow the end of the first event.


Next stop of The 5C Project cine-caravan is Split, Croatia!



Project Timetable


December 2015- January 2016 Call for critics and online selection of the 5 young ambassadors


22-23-24 January 2016 – First Event in Athens, Greece (3 days)

January – April 2016 Online activities


10-11-12 June 2016 – Second Event in Split, Croatia (3 days)

June – August 2016 Online activities


Last week of August 2016 – Third Event in Cetate, Romania (3 days)

September – October 2016 Online activities


Last week of October 2016 – Fourth Event in Tirana, Albania (3 days)



List of films as educational tools


A selection of 240min of altcineAction! 2015 films, proposed by the 5 Critics


And the following feature films


Ta Divna Splitska Noć/A Wonderful Night in Split (2004, Arsen Anton Ostojić, Croatia)

Diorthosi/Correction (2007, Thanos Anastopoulos, Greece)

Occident/West (2002, Cristian Mungiu, Romania)

Tirana Year Zero (2001, Fatmir Koci, Albania)