altcineAction!, unique in its kind, is the first Online Short Film Festival for Balkan Filmmakers.


Supported by altcine, the web platform dedicated to Balkan Cinema, and under the patronage of Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Creative Europe Media Programme, altcineAction! is open to every young filmmaker from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, to exhibit their work to the entire planet and win great awards for their next production.


With altcineAction!, any web surfer will be able to have free access to films from the Balkan Peninsula, connect in a direct and playful way with the creative young professionals, while the region’s young directors will have the opportunity to find mentoring and support by top companies and Institutions of the Balkans for their films and studies.


So far, during the last 3 years of its activities, altcineAction! has brought together 145 films from 13 Balkan countries in its online library and counts more than 6200 registered users, while continuing to offer great prizes, sponsored by top companies and institutions in the audiovisual sector. The festival aids film production and co-production in the Balkans by putting the spotlight on the next generation of directors, while at the same time transforming young audio-visual literate surfers into engaged audiences and creating sustainable communities.

Our team

Festival Director: Mika Tourkaki

Festival Coordinator: Stefania Profitou

Web site: Panagiotis Kokkinakis

IT  Department: Christina Kyrkou

IT Consultant: Savas Karelis

Material Coordinator: Gjergj Mosko

Material Editor: Kyriakos Gkikas

Visual Effects: Panos Mazarakis

Hospitality Coordinator: Thanassis Bourliaskos

Texts Supervisor: Giorgos Panagiotakis

Co-productions Coordinator: Kyveli Short

Graphic Design: Giorgos Tsirogiannis

Photos: Nick Zarago, Christos Lolos


Creator: Apostolos Aggrogiannis

Music: Maria Gabriel-Spandidis

Promotional Video

Director/editor: Stevi Panayiotaki

Cinematography: Konstantinos Stathias

Sound: Christos Sakellariou

Speakage: Stefania Profitou

Music: Maria Gabriel-Spandidis


Amalia Vlachou, Evan Sakellarakis, Penelope Mavropsaridis, Michalis Mathioudakis, Charis Tsironis, Vaggelis Tzifakis, Adriani Alexopoulou, Eirini Pitaouli, Filippos Kolovos