Great News!!!


Is already September and the festival is not here… What is happening?


We are moving on!


We are very happy to announce that altcineAction! is growing, it’s changing, taking in consideration your comments and needs.


From now on, altcineAction! will start beginning of December and will finish mid-January. One whole month and a half for screenings and voting. After all, winter fits better for online screenings, writing and competition spirit!


In the meantime altcineAction! continues its collaboration with many “terrestrial” festivals for promoting new Balkan cinema and creating a solid network and a new brand!


This year a selection of altcineAction! films will be presented for the first time in Drama International Film Festival, the biggest short film festival in Greece.


In Athens, too, many films of altcineAction! will be screened during the important Ionic Festival of Nea Smyrni district, under the blue sky, into the high acclaimed park. For the first time, Balkan cinema will be presented to a regional audience that has never the chance until now to watch so many Balkan shorts highlighting our common cultural routes.


And always, as we have done during the previous years, altcineAction! has just traveled with the “Best Critic” at Cetate, for Divan Film Festival, where, during the symposium on Balkan cinema, many films were presented.


The new altcineAction! will offer more awards, will offer workshops for the wannabe critics, will offer mentoring to the winner-directors and much more!


Stay tuned for updates. We promise many surprises!