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under stress

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Maria after having studied for many years, she attempts for the first time in her life to enter the corporate world. She confronts a series of incidents that put into question her dreams and her ambitions. Strict and is some cases cruel behaviour of the Human Resources employees along with unfair competition developed by other applicants set Maria against her beliefs and raise moral issues she had never considered before. No matter how much she strives to prove her abilities and qualifications, in the end, she must give an answer to the dilemma, compromise or integrity.

Director's statement

“under stress” is a film for a generation striving to prove that deserves a lot more than what it gets. A film about my generation.

Director's short bio

Paris Patsouridis was born in 1982 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. He studied Electrical Engineering in Thessaloniki, Greece and attended his MSc course in Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently lives and works in Athens Greece.

During he studies in Thessaloniki he was involved in plenty theatrical performances and he has been a founding member of the cultural organization “FACTA NON VERBA” (2002).

Since 2004 he has been involved in various film projects as director, writer, producer, or director of photography. He has directed and produced five short films that have been screened in various festivals in Greece and Europe. His second film called "Black Tie" was awarded the Best Greek Short Film award at the 8th International Short Film Festival of Patras, Greece and the PlatformaVideo6 International Short Film Festival of Athens, Greece and the Best Sound Design Award at the 2nd Crash Fest in Thessaloniki, Greece. His third film “PSYlence” was shot in Edinburgh, Scotland with an international cast and crew.

"under stress", which is his fourth film, has been awarded four times so far and it has been the most screened of his projects. His latest film called “Big Bad Sheep” has been completed in August 2013.

Film Participations Awards

– 2nd Best Film Award at the 5th digi2011 Short Film Festival, Drama, Greece

– Best Short Film Award at the 5th Artfools Video Festival, Larissa, Greece

– Best Acting Award (for Markella Giannatou) at the 1st LA Theater Short Film Festival, Athens, Greece

– CUT Award at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, Limassol

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Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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