Stella and I

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Stella and I

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4:30 min

Rating: (4.2)


In a middle class living room, dressed-in-black relatives are gathered to express their condolences to the family for the death of the grandmother. The little son of the family is bored, until Stella appears, the daughter of a friend’s of his mother, with whom he falls in love instantly. Now his only purpose becomes to get her attention.

Director's statement

Love and death are complementary concepts. Our young hero meets the first love of his life in a funeral environment, cancelling in fact this environment and separating himself from it. The hero is lucky enough to get to know the subversively, the tricks and the difficulties of love in an age of innocence, which is inevitably going to come to an end.

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Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound Format: Stereo


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