Scenes from Athens

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Scenes from Athens

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6:26 min

Rating: (2.4)


Scenes from Athens unfolds like a series of tableaux vivants about mutual observation, about peculiar perception. A contemplation of a stable imbalance, and of lose, tranquil and indefinable elements. Both the city of Athens and its citizens are on display. As we observe them, they also observe us and one another.

Director's statement

Fascinating animals like supermarket consumers, a kiosk owner, clerks of an airport, a little receptionist of a large hotel silently occupy the frames of the film. By actively giving substance to the various elements of the city, the viewer gives substance to himself/herself, invoking the Hindu idea of Darśana; a mutual beholding that initiates a shift in consciousness.

Director's short bio

Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis, of dual Greek/German nationality, studied Film Directing and Computer Science. In early 2008, he started a journey that would last a year, drawing a circle around the earth. He has worked in the audiovisual industry in Athens.

Since 2010, he has directed both commercial and personal projects. He has been active in directing TV commercials, music and corporate videos. His photography has been shown in various publications as well as in many solo and group exhibitions winning numerous awards while his projects have been accepted in a plethora of International Film Festivals.

He is a Berlinale Talent Campus and Sarajevo Talent Campus alumni (Pack & Pitch 2011 Winner).

Film Participations Awards

International Literary Festival, 2010 / Athens (Work in Progress)

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Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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