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Rrose Selavy

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Rrose SeLavy video focuses on the cynical interpretation of love. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp' s ready-made Rrose Selavy with the anagram of the words Eros c' est la vie . A young couple coexists at the verge of alienation. During couple's move in the urban landscape· some eggs, some sugar cubes, a radio, a T.V, a bed sheet and a chess game trigger the couple to rethink its relationship ... The mention of the movie in chess is also based on Marcel's Duchamp strategy.

Film Participations Awards

-Participation in 52o Festival Cinema of Thessaloniki: Event Rrose Selavy, 1-21 November 2011

-Participation in XV Bienalle La Mediterranee Thessaloniki/Rome: Parallel Program/Event: Rrose Selavy ou Eros est la vie?/Institut Francais de Thessalonique 31/10-21/11/2011.
(http://issuu.com/bjcem/docs/catalogue biennale final)

-Participation in La Grèce aujour d’ hui screenings at Theatre Liberte in Toulon, France November/December 2011.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound Format: Stereo


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