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13:12 min

Rating: (2.5)


A maturation trip, the childish nightmare of K. In a wooden house, she revives her childhood’ s fears and desires and experiences her sexual awakening. A dreamy wandering constructed by the tale of three little pigs, a distorted view of her own family.

Director's short bio

Konstantina Kotzamani is an undergraduate student of Film Department of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki. Her short movies have participated in several International Festivals. Her short film ARUNDEL has been financed by the Greek National Federation through the program "mikrofilm" and also with the script of the same film has participated in Euro Connection Program at Clermont Ferrand Film Festival. In February 2012 she was a participant in Berlinale Talent Campus as a young director. In March 2012 her long feature script titled PATRICIA was selected by the MEDIA Program (4 Corners and MFI Program) for script development. On July 2012 she participated at Serajevo Talent Campus as a young director.


PIGS (short experimental 13:12 min, 2011), ZODIAC (fiction, 29:44 2012), ARUNDEL (fiction 18 min 2012)

Film Participations Awards

Drama International Film Festival
Lago International Film Festival ( special mention, New Director Award)
L. A short Film Festival in Athens ( Best Cinematography, Art Direction)
Signes De Nuit Film Festival In Paris
Lucca International Film festival
I have Seen Films International Film Festival In Milan
Budapest International Film Festival
Kansk International Video Festival Siberia

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Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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