Kopanje (Diving-In)

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Kopanje (Diving-In)

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14:58 min

Rating: (4,1)


A man, who caused a tragedy which hurt his and his family's lives, wants only one thing: That the people he cares most about give him one last chance.

Director's statement

I wanted to explore the complex yet fragile relationship of a once happy family, now torn apart because of a tragedy – which could happen to anyone – that was caused by one of the heads of the family. I wanted to show the thin line between love and mercy, how the parents wish that nothing like this had ever happened. At the same time they cannot look each other straight in the eye and cannot establish a trustworthy relationship. This of course is the reason the father and daughters don’t see each other for over a year and at such a young age, the girls experienced this whole trauma for themselves and through the eyes of their devestated mother, which caused total alienation between them. This film chronicles their first day together after the tragedy.

Director's short bio

Born on July 18th, 1990, in Postojna, Slovenia, where he spent most of his time on his skateboard, filming his friends, playing drums and having fun. Later on he graduated in Film and TV directing at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, Slovenia and since then he started working on various Film, Video and TV projects. He is also an active musician and drummer for the bands The Canyon Observer and Blaž + Simon, among other.

Film Participations Awards

Festival of Mediterranean Film Split
Split, Croatia
June 8, 2014
World Premiere

Balkan Film Food Festival
Pogradec, Albania

Fuencaliente Rural Film Festival
Fuencaliente, Spain
Best Fuenfiction Film (Best Short Fiction Film)

Cucalorus Film Festival
Wilmington, North Carolina
North American Premiere

Festival of European and Mediterranean Film
Piran, Slovenia
Slovenian Premiere

Bridge Film Festival
Mitrovica, Kosovo
Kosovo Premiere

Novella Showcase
Michigan, USA
TV Broadcast

International Student Film Festival NEW WAVE
Sofia, Bulgaria
Bulgarian Premiere
Film won the Grand Prix

International Children’s Film Festival Bangladesh
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Asian Premiere

International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIZENIA
Jelenia Gora, Poland
Polish Premiere

Boston Independent Film Festival
Boston, USA (online)

Frame by Sound
Online (USA, Dominican Republic)

SEE a Paris
Paris, France
French Premiere

Tlanchana Fest
Metepec, Mexico
South American Premiere

Alicante Film Festival
Alicante, Spain

Islantilla Cineforum Film Festival
Islantilla, Spain

Film Miami Fest
Miami, USA
South USA Premiere

Pink City International Short Film Festival
Jaipur, India

Bangalore International Short Film Festival
Bangalore, India
Indian Premiere

Festival Alhama Ciudad de Cine
Alhama de Granada, Spain

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Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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