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9:00 min

Rating: (3,4)


Questions, doubts and thoughts will grow with us. Eeva needs to make a decision but in the meanwhile the easiest thing to do is drink milk and eat strawberries.

Director's statement

We see people eating, drinking, walking the streets or driving in their cars. Their lives seem to be normal, but they are not. No matter how old you are, some things will always remain absurd.

Director's short bio

University of Pristina; Dramaturgy /European Film College -Denmark ; Directing and Scriptwriting/FAMU- Film and TV School of Performing Arts in Prague; Directing and Scriptwriting
Work: Coordinator for Skena Up film festival, TV Menager for DokuFest film festival. Writes film Critic for “Zeri”.
“Ingredients” - fiction 8"11""; prod. of Euphoria Borealis Ry, Finland. Script and Dir./ “Same as Yesterday” - fiction 15 min; prod. of Euphoria Borealis Ry, Finland. Script and Dir./“All I care about” - fiction 7 min; prod. of EFC. Script and Dir. / “I can eat paper” - fiction 7 min; prod, of EFC. Script and Dir. /“Within” - documentary 7"13"".Dir. (Pravo Ljudski Film Festival) etc.

Film Participations Awards

Helsinki Short Film Festival
Andorra Cinema Premier – Helsinki

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Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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