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Rating: (2,6)


Antigone is an indy journalist.Her sister Ismene works for a tabloid.Their two brothers were bank robbers until Polyneces was betrayed by Eteocles and was sent to prison.When Polyneces is released,all will be on a head-on collision course.

Director's statement

The film borrows its name from “The Phoenician Women”(Φοίνισσες) the tragedy by Euripides while the story revolves around the Theban Cycle of classical Greek dramaturgy. It brings the myth of Antigone and the descendants of Oedipus in the noir looking, modern world.

Director's short bio

Dimitra Mitsaki is a director and production designer born in Thessaloniki in 1986 and currently lives in Berlin. Dimitra is inspired by sociopolitical aspects and her work focuses mostly in women who chose to fight against authority.Her last film "Dead Brother"s Song" (Του Νεκρού Αδελφού) ,the first part of the trilogy, focuses on women who joined the partisan army during civil war in Greece, is in post production. Other Filmography is Dust Requiem(2012), Finishες (2012) and Walk in my Shoes(2014) .

Film Participations Awards

Boddinale 1st Edition Film Festival 2013 (Berlin)
Kurzwaren #10 at Kino Zukunft (Berlin)
Viewster #3

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Color: BW
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Sound Format: Stereo


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