Best Editing Award Interview


Blaž Gracar, editor of Kopanje (Diving-In) by Simon Intihar, altcineAction! 2015-16 Best Editing Award, shares his thoughts with us about the award, his future plans and the significance of an online festival nowadays, which provides more chances to young filmmakers and an alternative way of interaction among the audience, voters and critics.


Blaž Gracar was born on Slovenian coast in 1991 and has always been creative. His interests include music, literature and film. As a musician he is a profilic producer of electronic music who released more than 10 EPs and full-lenghts. He published a poetry collection in 2011. As a film editor he gratuated Slovenian film academy.



Blaž Gracar, editor of Diving In

How do you feel about winning this award?

Well, I really can’t voice enough how much this award means to me as it is the first editing award I got in my whole life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What do you think about the rationale of the Jury regarding your editing work?

I’m really proud of my work with Simon (the director) as I think we had some real breakthroughs in the editing room, but the real joy comes out of knowing that someone else also appreciates your work, especially someone like Yorgos Mavropsaridis whose work I really value.

How important is the AVID Media Composer software for an editor?

Personally I don’t work in any other software. It can be a bit slower than other fast-paced quick-cut products but when it comes to big projects it doesn’t fail where others do.

Tell us what you plan to do with this award?

I am currently very much into music so I’m planning to make a bunch of music videos with it! And of course when time comes and the right film project comes along, I’ll edit it in Avid.

How helpful do you believe is an Online Festival for the filmmakers?

It surely is a natural progression – old ways are slowly crumbling and to survive and make a difference in today’s world things must be up to speed. Which means of course being online. So even though there is too much information on the internet, world wide web still offers the most possibilities for a young filmmaker. If there is a chance to succeed, it is online.

What do you think about the audience involvement – votes and critiques – in choosing the winning films?

To connect with my previous answer: the internet is also changing the way we interact with each other. When in the past a few had their voices heard, nowadays everyone has a chance to speak and I think this is scary but fruitful for all of us.

What is your opinion regarding the Best Critic Award and its prize “The 5C Project”?

I wish all the winners a great year in traveling and meeting talented people! I hope they’ll learn as much as they can.

Besides the short you worked in, were there any other films in the competition that you particularly enjoyed the editing work and why?

I’ll be completely honest – even though Simon (the director) told me about the competition, I was so much into current projects that I hadn’t found the time to calmly sit and watch other films in the competition.

What are your plans and expectations for the future?

As I said I’m also an aspiring musician and I hope to blend music and film even more in the future!